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What Clothes Do Men Think are Sexy? 5 Articles of Clothing You Didn’t Know You Have that Will Turn on Your Boyfriend

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Posted on November 05 2018

What Clothes Do Men Think are Sexy? 5 Articles of Clothing You Didn’t Know You Have that Will Turn on Your Boyfriend

What clothes do men think are sexy?

The night is young, and you are anxious to grab his attention with your feminine attire, but are the clothes in your closet enough to turn his head? Do not underestimate your current wardrobe. Every girl has at least one or two articles of clothing tucked away that will get their man’s attention.  Most men have an affinity –wait, an attraction for a particular type of clothing. They like to see a woman in clothing that celebrates her figure and more than likely, it is hanging in your closet or is hiding in a drawer.
Still not sure whether or not your wardrobe is up to par? Here are five pieces of clothing that men find sexy.

Men Love Leggings on a Woman

Do not underestimate the effect of a good pair of leggings. Leggings have a way of drawing attention to the very thing they were designed to encase, and that is the shapely length of your legs and the curvature of your butt. Leggings, such as those featured on Beauty On The Go Leggings in Dermofibra® Cosmetics are available in a variety of fashions and can enable you to serve up sexy without too much fuss.

You can rock leggings while wearing a cold-shoulder blouse, a long sweater or mid-drift top. Know your assets and take steps to ensure your pieces compliment each other and give positive testimony to your body.

Off-the-Shoulder and Cold-Shoulder Tops

Speaking of giving a little shoulder with those leggings, don’t be afraid to give a little shoulder next time you decide to dress for your man. Sexy-off-the-shoulder and cold-shoulder tops can deliver an elegant, yet sexy look. These tops have a way of showing off your shoulders, the curve of your neck, and a teasing glimpse of your back depending on your style.

Man Shirt and Short Skirts are Sexy to Men

Shania Twain penned the lyrics “Man shirt…Short skirt” in her song Man I Feel Like a Woman more than twenty years ago, but twenty years later, this look never goes out of fashion. Tight or loose, patterns and solids, mini skirts have an excellent way of showing off your waist, legs, hips, and thighs under the right conditions.

You can top this outfit off with an oversized, baggy dress shirt. Don’t forget to keep the lingerie beneath sexy.

Turtlenecks are Tempting

You might think that turtleneck is conservative and reveals absolutely nothing about what is happening beneath, but that sweater is hanging up in your closet is sexy. Turtlenecks give off an air of mystery and live up to the old cliché that “less is more.” You can wear turtlenecks with skirts, tight jeans, or leggings whether you choose to stay in or go out for a date night.  

Tight Jeans are Still Sexy

Much like leggings, tight jeans rank high on the list of clothing that men find sexy on women. Let’s face it, your denim jeans hug your hips and curves in all the right places and whether you are going to the mall for a shopping spree or a night on the town with your man, this piece of clothing is a must-have. You dress these up with a fancy blouse or dress them down with a plain old t-shirt. Your jeans will still undoubtedly capture the attention of your man on date night.

Know your assets and wear the clothes that show them off! Keep your look classy as too much of a good thing can be a turn off for men. According to dating makeover and confidence expert Kimberly Seltzer, your goal should be to wear an outfit that is sexy yet conservative. Take your time and choose something that has this balance in appearance. Your date will not be disappointed.


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